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Steel Green homes and buildings are shipped as all-of-the-parts to construct ANY pre-engineered home or build and can be panelized or pre-fabricated at your destination.

Steel Green homes, because they are shipped from the U.S. as all-of-the-parts, create thousands of jobs around the world and can arrive at any port worldwide within 45 days of placing the order.

Steel Green homes can be “turn-key” assembled in as little as 2 weeks and are assembled on-site at a rate three times faster than homes built with concrete and block.


Steel Green homes and buildings utilize light gauge steel framing which provides structural integrity superior to typical concrete and block construction.

Steel Green homes and buildings are designed for a Zone B130 wind rating and California’s Highest Seismic Code rating and can be increased to withstand winds over 200 MPH.

Steel Green homes and buildings light gauge steel will not rust and are also resistant to fire, insects and moisture.


Steel Green homes and buildings, whether your design or ours, come with a complete Bill of Materials to ensure accuracy.

Steel Green’s homes and buildings are easily modified to meet your local codes and construction requirements. 

Steel Green’s on-site training program will teach skilled or unskilled laborers to begin quickly assembling our steel framed homes. 

Steel Green’s steel framing and plaster/stucco contain up to 75% recycled materials making them ecologically friendly to the environment.


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