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Steel Green Services

Steel Green provides all construction materials and related services for the design, engineering, and building of any structure including homes, multilevel/multifamily, schools and clinics. Steel Green Homes has many, pre-engineered designs with ready-to-build working drawings including the bills of materials (BOM) . Nevertheless, every project is completely customizable to the clients' specifications and scalable from a single home to thousands of homes.

Services offered by SGH:

Architectural Design

Structural Engineering

Material Take-offs

Material and Tool Sales

Import/Export Coordination

On-Site Training and Support

SGH Housing and Building Designs:

Steel Green currently provides designs for homes, duplexes and schools. However, we understand that every country has a different vision of community. For this reason, Steel Green will provide building components for any home design. Our team of architects and engineers can work with your team of architects and engineers to covert any home or building design into a light gauge steel framed structure.

Steel Green pricing structure allows for the finish components to come from our company or your country to make your homes and buildings look and feel familiar.


There is only one way to address worldwide demand for housing and that’s by having a company and a system

in place to affordably ship thousands of homes annually to all parts of the globe….that is Steel Green Homes, LLC

Order 1-500 homes today and you can start taking delivery at any port in the world in as little as 45 days.


Steel Green Homes has a training program in place that enables our personnel to train your crew of skilled and unskilled labor to begin building homes and buildings the same day materials arrive at your site.


Our training personnel will teach your crews U.S. style, production building methods that once implemented will pave the way for building hundreds and thousands of high quality, structurally superior Steel Green homes and buildings built in a safe, quality oriented and productive manner.

Shipping Domestically


Shipping Internationally